Vista Adventures
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Meet The Climbers

Kurt Bosshardt - Kurt is a Swiss National, and started hiking/skiing in the hills around the Berner Oberland in the mid 60's. But it was not until his early adult life that he discovered a true love of high altitude and glacier mountaineering.  Having trained with Scott Fisher's Mountain Madness program in Seattle, Kurt was quickly drawn to the magnitude and beauty of the North Cascades. And still later, in his 40's, he circled back to the Berner Oberland, and climbed some of the stunning peaks there: Jungfrau, Monch, Schilthorn, and others.
As noted by Ed Viesturs, there are "no shortcuts to the top." But with the right attitude, approach, and dedicated training, the top, like overcoming a debilitating disease, can be achieved. Kurt's fiance, Linda's mother is currently battling Parkinsons. We are going to the top for her!

Jeff Anixter - Jeff was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where most of his extended family still resides.  14 years ago, he and his wife decided to move to Granite Bay in the Sacramento region to buy a home and raise their children.  Some of Jeff's outdoor adventures include hikes in the California Sierra Mountains, Colorado Rocky Mountains, Idaho Sawtooth Mountains, Heli-skiing in British Columbia and zip-lining high a top Maui.  Jeff's daily life though is not as adventurous.  He mostly enjoys staying close to home with family and friends and getting in his daily fitness.
Jeff thanks his longtime friend and colleague Rocco Ciesco for the invitation to join his team challenge to raise awareness and support for Parkinson's while enjoying a Mount Whitney life experience.

Linda Skinner Parzygnat - The Hike for Parkinson has a personal meaning for Linda.  Her Mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in   2006 at the age of 61.  When Rocco presented the opportunity to use her passion for hiking to raise awareness and support for her Mother’s disease, she could not pass up the challenge.

Linda grew up in Florida and currently lives in Fort Lauderdale.  Kurt introduced her to the Swiss Alps about ten years ago.  She fell in love with the beautiful mountain towns and peaks and has been hiking throughout the Swiss and Italian Alps every year since.  Her experience also includes sport hikes in Chamonix, Lauterbrunnen and Zermott.  This will be the highest and most challenging ascent she has ever attempted and looks forward to the challenge of training and reaching for the top.

Chris Keyes -  Chris grew up in Connecticut and would spend most of his time hiking and enjoying the hills of New England.  Currently living in Boulder, Colorado he spends much of his time running and biking in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
Rocco Ciesco - Rocco grew up in the foothills of the Berkshires in Connecticut and has always been drawn to mountains. After college, he moved to New Hampshire and make several hikes to the summit of Mount Washington. Now living in Central California, he enjoys trips to the Sierra Nevadas during all seasons. In 2009, one of his friends was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Rocco founded Vista Adventures to bring together two of his passion - mountains and helping to Make a Difference in peoples lives. Rocco describes his motivation mantra for the hike "Compared to what Chuck has to live with every day, climbing to 14,000 feet will be a breeze".