Vista Adventures
                 for a Cause
Vista Adventures' mission is to make a difference in the world by combining adventure with good causes. We will hold annual fund raising for events, with all proceeds going directly to the cause. Thanks for your support.

- Rocco
Training for the Hike

With three months to go, we are getting serious about preparing for the hike to the summit of Mount Whitney. As we share our plans for the climb, it surprising how many people we know have climbed, or have friends that have climbed. And all are ready with good advice. The most common advice is conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. Beyond being in shape, the biggest concern we hear is getting elevation trained. Finally, bringing the proper supplies for any situation that might arise is common sense. As the weeks go on, the excitement is growing. And contributions to the Michale J Fox Foundation continue to build. Thanks to all of our supporters.

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